Greek SaladSomething theoretically simple yet so difficult to combine harmoniously simple flavors of vegetables and feta, olives and olive oil along with spices.What make our salad perhaps the main dish of our restaurant are the fresh vegetables in our area which are cut to any salad separately and not all together and the famous traditional cheese FETA which is Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of our island.

Our big secret but the tenderness with which we prepare and you offer it in really affordable price, in a truly «magical» environment and a real smile.



Platter of grilled meat specialties (MixGrill)

Our king of flavor has its own «throne» at your table and stand out from all the other wonderful dishes.

Grilled meat of our barbecued baked at the ight time each in combination with grilled vegetables and savory touch of roast potatoes with butter and rosemary sauce.

It is no coincidence that our customers from all over Lesvos and all over the world before ordering even sit at their table to be the first to enjoy it.


  • Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
    & Social Events

    Petra, Lesvos (Mytilini)
    81109, Greece

    Tel.1. +30 6955800938
    Tel.2. +30 6945834108


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